The profession of Pharmacy is the most trusted one in many countries like USA. The development of the Profession in India dates back to 1930’s when the pre – independent Govt of India appointed a committee to look into the requirements in the educational, manufacturing and quality control of drugs marketed in our country. The lack of qualified Pharmacists and Testing Laboratories were the reasons why quality drugs were not available in India. With the framing of the Pharmacy Act 1948 and The Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 by Government, the situation started improving, The first College of Pharmacy was formed in ‘1945 in the Banaras Hindu University. Later reputed institutions like Birla Institute of Technology started conducting B’ Pharm course. Pharmacy is noble profession and pharmacist is highly qualified professional with the specialism in drugs and medicines. In India, Education in Pharmacy field is opted at different level starting from Diploma, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Master of Pharmacy and Doctorate in Pharmacy, Professional charm, status, competency, skilled and hansom remuneration in pharmacy create a charm and choice of carrier for the students. Since the independence in 1947 to till date most of the pharmacy education institutes generates industrial tycoon and researcher with prime aim to work in industry rather than a health care perspective of pharmacy. Yet so far business stretches, engineering of pharmacy were the central point of education in pharmacy and continue till today. Contrarily, it is not same at overseas in developed countries where pharmacist are health care professionals. It is worth mentioning that a Pharmacist is an expert on drugs, whether it is manufacture or analysis or evaluating the prescription